Community Outreach in Fox Valley area

There are many ways to get involved with Fox Valley Repertory and its educational programming within the community that we serve. We offer various Scout Badge Workshops, Enrichment Programs for schools, as well as field trip performances through our Theater for Young Audiences program.

Theater Field Trips for Young Audiences

Inspire students to learn life lessons, engage in the arts, and witness the magic of storytelling on stage! Fox Valley Rep offers a repertoire of classic novels, moral-based stories and better-health productions that can be powerful teaching tools outside of the classroom. From "The Diary of Anne Frank" and "Charlotte's Web" to "Ease the Tease" and "The Giver," book your field trip outing that will be affordable, accessible, and engaging. Each performance will include a talkback with the actors! For more information, visit our student trips page.

Scout Badge Workshops

Scout Badges

Now at Fox Valley Repertory, Scouts can earn merit badges through these unique and exciting programs! Workshops are conducted by an experienced theatre professional, and can be scheduled at your convenience. Although we have developed programs for each Scout level, we are happy to adjust them to accommodate your individual needs. Actual badges not included. Proceeds fund FVR Performing Arts Academy scholarships for underprivileged children in our area. All workshops take place at Pheasant Run Resort. Advance registration required. Scouts can enroll individually for scheduled events or create an event for their Troupe! To schedule, call Tracy Whiteside at 630-364-0550 or email

Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts

Brownie Scout Badge: $20 per Scout Minimum 10/Maximum 30 2 Hour Session Learn to express a feeling without words, practice some tongue twisters, and create a princess tiara and act out princess activities without talking. Participate in a wild “Animal Improv” session with a mask that you create. This program fulfills the requirements of the Let’s Pretend Try-it.

Junior Scout Theatre Badge: $30.00 per Scout Minimum 10/Maximum 30 3 Hour Session Find out what it takes to be an actor. Try out fun theater games that professionals use to sharpen their acting skills. Develop your own unique character and then bring it to life. Create puppets and wrap up this fun-filled workshop by using your creativity to present your own “Three-Minute Theater” skit. This program fulfills the requirements of the Theater badge.

Cadettes/Seniors Performing Arts Patch: $30.00 per Scout Minimum 10/Maximum 30 3 Hour Session

Read a short play then make masks and costumes for a character you choose to develop and act out. Play character charades, try your hand at stage makeup, and play other fun theatre games. This program fulfills the requirements of the Interest Project Performing Arts Patch.

Seniors: Grades 9 – 12

Scouts assist in a FVR Performing Arts Academy production with wardrobe, props, hair, makeup and other aspects of presenting a successful live theatre performance.  No charge for volunteers!

Boy Scouts

Boy Scout

Boy Scouts Theatre Badge: $30 per Scout Minimum 10/Maximum 30 3 Hour Session Webelos Showman Badge: $20 per Scout Minimum 10/Maximum 30 2 Hour Session Scouts will create paper bag puppets then write and perform a show using them.  Learn folk songs, perform a monologue and a one-act play.  This workshop fulfills all requirements for the Showman Badge. See or read 3 full-length plays/scripts.  Write a review on each commenting on story, acting and staging. Boy Scouts must turn in reviews to the Education Manager at Fox Valley Rep before being awarded a badge. Cost of badge not included.

Fulfill all 6 requirements and earn the Theatre Merit Badge! In this workshop, Scouts will write, direct and act in plays as well as perform pantomimes, monologues and TV commercials.  Theatre terminology and stage makeup will also be covered. THIS REQUIREMENT MUST BE DONE INDEPENDENTLY (BOY SCOUTS ONLY-Does not apply to Webelos or Girl Scouts):

FVR has many scripts available to read that will fulfill this requirement as well. Contact us for details. 

School Enrichment Programs


FVR Performing Arts Academy offers a variety of performing arts classes for After School Enrichment (ASE) programs at local schools. Children who take after school programs over the course of their life time consistently improved test scores in school, have better than average social skills, and tend to participate in less mischievous activities. After School Enrichment programs have a proven benefit for children, families, and the community. ASE gives children the opportunity to explore and learn new skills as well as discover new abilities.  With government cutting funding for arts programs in our schools, this is a perfect chance to expose children to the performing arts. Research consistently shows that the arts leverage student achievement and development far beyond raising test scores in reading and math; and they instill the critical thinking, creativity and communication skills that our children need to succeed in today's workplace.

Programs are typically organized by the school's parent volunteers or the school's PTO.  Schools can request specific classes, or FVR can structure a program.  Choices include TV Commercials, Basic Acting Skills, Improv, Basic Singing Technique, Musical Theatre, Audition Technique, and Basic Theatre Dance.

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